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Patient Testimonials

“I struggled to manage my shoulder, rib, and back pain. Activities like sitting up, looking over my shoulder, or driving were extremely painful. I started working with Jill after trying out several other physical therapists. What set Jill apart was that she used her incredible knowledge of the human body to look at my body as a whole and help diagnose the root issue. She met me where I was at and used a progressive approach to my recovery. She gave me the tools I need to manage my chronic pain condition. I am so grateful for the time I have spent working with her!”

“Jill is the best health care professional I’ve ever seen, bar none. You’ll walk out of an appointment with her with a sense of awe, despite her very approachable explanations, and a body that just seems to magically work better–despite her clearly scientific approach. She truly listens, teaches and builds a personal to-go program so you can even continue the magic on your own. She’s put my body back together so successfully that I’ve walked away from my injuries even more durable than I was before them. If you want to skate stronger, for longer, you need to start seeing Jill yesterday.”

“I am a physician and have seen Jill on and off for about 8 years. She has helped me with so many aches and pains: knees, back, neck, jaw, shoulders. I sometimes consulted friends who were physicians or went to see specialist physicians formally. None ever helped me as much as Jill. She really is a genius.”

“Working with Jill gave me a new understanding of my body. She’s helped me set and reach new performance goals. She’s taught me how to care for my body for the long haul. She’s shown me that everyone deserves a healthy body, insurance and income shouldn’t be limitations to achieving your goals.”

“Jill has helped me with various musculoskeletal issues ranging from back to neck to elbow and back up to shoulder. She always goes to the root of the problem and finds work we can do to address the issues where they arise. I actually look forward to physical therapy, which is a thing I can’t say I’ve ever felt before. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

“Jill helped me develop a fitness routine that fits into my life, supports my goals, and best of all makes my body feel better! Her sense of humor, compassion, and ability to explain not just how to move but the science behind it makes PT with her both enjoyable and rewarding.”

“I appreciate Jill’s approach to care! She’s always willing to breakdown things and explain them in a way that’s easy to understand. I’m grateful That she’s been able to treat multiple injuries from a sprained ankle, recovering from a pregnancy and getting back into training as well as pulled muscles and strains. She’s genuine and she cares and I know I’m in good hands when she’s treating me. Plus she’s just a delightful person.”

“Several years ago, after having both knees replaced, I fired my original PT due to inattention. I was fortunate to find Jill. I am so thankful that she listens acutely to my complaints and fine-tunes my therapy to my needs.

When my right hip acted up I started “pre-habbing” it prior to surgery. Following up post-op too.

I now am seeing Jill about every six months for “tune-up” to stay on track.”