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Outpatient Services


You are a durable person, not a fragile flower, and we’re going to tackle your goals the same way I do with my athletes. Outpatient and inpatient experience with neurological conditions, as well as my long history in orthopedics has made me a practitioner unencumbered by traditional “ortho” vs “neuro” physical therapist labels. 

I have experience treating spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and peripheral nerve injuries. I wrote my graduate thesis on deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease and maintain a strong interest in Parkinson’s, as well as multiple sclerosis and ALS. 

Prefer a home visit? Game on! Email me to set up an appointment.

Jill assisting custom tailored therapy


I have 20 years of experience working with various orthopedic injuries and syndromes, and can treat everything from an ankle sprain to longstanding spine pain. This isn’t your typical orthopedic treatment; I won’t be watching you ride a stationary bike or grind out nonspecific shoulder exercises with rubber bands. We’ll collaborate through an ongoing examination process to discover the cause of your symptoms for true, long term resolution. Treatment will teach you how to move more optimally, as well as improve your ability to care for your entire system. 


I have a long history of ankle sprains and foot problems, so as soon as I finished PT school I jumped at the chance to learn more about this area of the body. Twelve years later, I not only can treat my own screwed up feet, but everyone else’s as well! Your feet/ankles will be examined and treated as part of your entire system, so we can determine the source of your symptoms. I can also cast you for custom orthotics, provide specific footwear / over the counter footbed recommendations, and teach you taping techniques to manage long term problems more effectively. 


My personal history as an athlete (sprinter, fastpitch softball, premier level roller derby) and years of experience as an athletic trainer gives me strong insight into the unique needs of athletes. I work with athletes of all ages and levels, ranging from NCAA D1 football to competitive weight training to recreational Ultimate Frisbee. You can expect treatment specific to your sport, tune ups for your cross training program, offseason activity advice, and even game-day preparation and taping. 


I’m currently training with the renowned Barral Institute to help resolve internal sources of pain and dysfunction. The abdominal organs can generate orthopedic and abdominal pain; visceral examination and treatment is a gentle and specific method to ensure your symptoms are comprehensively addressed. Visceral manipulation may be integrated into your orthopedic / neurological treatment, or you can be treated for a specific diagnosis (GERD, hiatal hernia, constipation). 


Calling all roller derby athletes and rink rats! Whether you need drills to learn how to use your edges better, specific exercises to get stronger, or a tune of up of derby or skate-specific skills, you’ll find it all here. After six years of jamming at Rat City Roller Derby as “Jill Nye the Science Guy”, I’ve identified specific patterns of dysfunction common to new and seasoned skaters. I’ve also developed cross training techniques and offskates programs to help you meet your performance goals. All ages and experiences are welcome. 

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Not all people who want to improve their function have pain! If you are interested in boosting your strength, or want to try a couch-to-5k program, or just want to feel comfortable using resistance equipment in your home or a gym, performance physical therapy is for you.

We’ll work together to ensure that whatever fitness program you try will be safe, successful, and tailored to your body’s specific needs.